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Curating Citizen, Amateur & Professional Journalism Covering Tech, Business, Education, Civics,
Aid & Relief, Environment, Entertainment & Arts and Lifestyle News, Coverage is Focused on Providing Accountable News Reporting & Progressive Viewpoints. Live Mapping via #GridReport Enables Real-Time Updates &
The Grid Journalism Collaborative Empowers Investigative Journalism.
Tech | Business | Education 
Civics |
Aid & Relief | Environment


GridMix Live Radio Crowdsources Interactive Real-Time Media Webcasting & Organic Ventures Travel Segment Enables Real-Time Interaction During Live Shows. As Well, Curated Music, Interactive Video, eLearning, Stills & Text Media from Creative Commons (CC) Sources & The Oregon Media Collaborative (In Development) Facilitate The Growth of Creative Commons Artists.
Music | Interactive | Video
eLearning |
Stills | Text


Utilizing Open Source Hardware
Creative Commons Licensed Designs & 
In The Virtual World,
Technology Solutions Are Created For
Legacy System Support & Open Cross-Platform Operability. Online Manuals, Virtual World Integrated Community Forum & Live Support Hub (In Development) Facilitate Dynamic Technology Integration Practices & Procedures.

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Satellites |
Engines | Energy

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