Advertising Guidelines

Ethical Practices

Rich Media Ads

Message Oriented

Talk To Your New & Old Customers

Think of your advertising from the perspective of a potential
or current customer. 

Is your ad interesting, attractive & appealing? Do you remember the service & contact point? Are you confused or ready to act?


Be Honest About Products & Services

Create your ideal company image through advertising; and be that ideal company! 

Tell people about your products & services in a manner that reflects your companies' principles, practices & style.


Wares Speak For Themselves

Build a community of clients that enjoy all aspects of your company, including the advertising you broadcast. 

Talk to potential customers; don't YELL at them! Enhancing all aspects of your customers' lives will be appreciated.

Strategic Thinking 

Use Long-Term
Ad Strategies

Instead of utilizing "deal-based" strategies, think long term; it's cheaper and more effective for building communities!

What sets you apart from the rest of the market? What service will your customers come to rely on?


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